Dedrick Brooks Jr. well-known as DB; is an independent trainer based in Houston, TX whose clients include celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday individuals. Along with multiple certification held, DB obtained his Master’s in Sport and Human Performance from Sam Houston State University. As a former division 1 dual sport athlete; and competing in multiple sports throughout his athletic career. DB’s experiences has a big influence on his training philosophy. He is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their physical and mental goals. His training specialties are in performance/functional movements, and mobility. While using innovative techniques that can be transferred from training to championship winning performances and/or daily activities. He has worked with multiple sports competed in across the globe with athletes ranging from youth to world-class professionals. 




My husband and I trusted in DB to train us for the most special day of our lives. We both have different athletic ability, and DB was able to cater our workouts to get the best results for our specific body type. My goal was to tone up while loosing a few lbs and my husband’s goal was to drop weight while putting on muscle. In just a few short weeks, my husband went from 17% to 11% body fat. We love working with DB because he always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He was also very flexible with our schedule which was super helpful. Thanks DB, we love you!

Rachel & Ben Stocker

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