Dr. M. Seun Adigun, D.C


About Dr. M. Seun Adigun

Dr. M. Seun Adigun, D.C., is Chiropractor, Biomechanist, and two-time Olympian. While attending school at the University of Houston, Dr. Seun completed her NCAA athletic career as an All-American hurdler and went on to become a three-time Nigerian national champion and two-time African champion in the 100m hurdles. She competed in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and resurfaced three years later as a winter athlete in the sport of Bobsled. She raced as a world cup brakeman for Team USA during the 2015-2016 Winter season. While simultaneously completing her second bachelor’s degree, second master’s degree, and doctorate degree, she became the driver of the first ever African bobsled team that she started for the country of Nigeria. Dr. Seun is the first, and only, African to compete in both a Summer and Winter Olympic Games. She has positively impacted millions of individuals globally with features from several world renowned platforms such as ESPN E:60, Beats By Dre, TIME Magazine and appearances on Ellen DeGeneres and international Visa and Toyota commercials. She was an assistant track and field coach at the University of Houston for five seasons, and has been responsible for treating several professional athletes from NBA to NFL Pro Bowlers. She is passionate about helping individuals achieve optimal performance and live their best quality of life.

Briana Butler


About Briana Butler

Briana Butler is a registered dietitian nutritionist and former professional athlete serving the Houston area. Briana holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Performance from the University of Southern California and a masters’ degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The latter of which she received after playing in the WNBA and overseas for three years. Upon retirement from professional sports, Briana followed her passion for health and athletics by pursuing a career in performance dietetics, believing from experience that nutrition efforts and performance are congruous. Since switching careers, Briana has worked with collegiate, professional (NFL, NBA, WNBA, NBA G-League, Ultra Marathon & Cyclist), NFL combine, NBA combine, and health and wellness clients in private practice and under world-renowned brands such as Southern Methodist University, EXOS, and the Dallas Cowboys. Briana currently serves as a consultant dietitian for the NBA G-League through the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. She also provides nutrition support to athletes and health & wellness individuals through her private practice Power Portions. Above all, Briana finds purpose in being a wife to her husband Brice and full-time mom to her son Braiden.


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